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You Are Courageous!
Ever wish that you had the words to call someone out when you know what they’re doing is wrong? Or wish that you could help make a change?
That’s what this website is all about! Here, you’ll learn about how to use your voice to help end dating abuse. Explore this site to educate yourself on relationship rights and responsibilities, learn tips and tools for speaking out and to find out how to start your own club to make a change. One voice can make a change. Many voices can create a movement for change. Be courageous. Be the change!

How Courageous Are You?


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Is Your Relationship Healthy?

Check yourself by reviewing your relationship rights and responsibilities.

Do you believe in equality and respect?

Are you ready to help create change? Be courageous and take the lead! Check out tips from youth activists from around the state on how to educate others, start a club and more!

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You have the power!

You have the power to influence dating violence prevention activities throughout Florida! Join the movement for change by participating in our Youth Advisory Board.

Speak up!

Being courageous means speaking up when you see something that’s not right. Learn how to help a friend who is experiencing dating abuse.

Watch and learn

Want to learn more about dating violence? Check out our awesome video page for interviews with real teens, information on healthy relationships and more!

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  • Call your friend out; let him/her know that you do not approve of the behavior
  • Tell your friend to be respectful
  • Give your friend resources on how to get help
  • Tell a trusted adult whenever you’re worried about someone’s safety
  • React with violence
  • Encourage or participate in the behavior
  • Ignore abusive behavior

If you think your friend might hurt someone, assess your safety before getting involved.

Call 911 if needed and don’t put yourself in danger.


Learn the Facts, Yo

Relationship Rights & Responsibilities

EVERYONE deserves respect! Respect in a relationship means you treat each other equally and fair. In a healthy relationship you respect the other person’s limits and they respect yours, too. This means listening when someone says no, and NOT pushing someone into something they don’t want to do.

Find out more about your relationship rights and responsibilities by clicking here.

Be The Change: Know What's Ok

A healthy relationship is free from all types of violence. Many people think relationship abuse is all about the physical, but there are many different types of abuse.
Some examples are:

  • Telling them what to wear
  • Telling them who they can/can’t hang out with
  • Checking up on them constantly through calls or texts
  • Pressuring them to do things they’re not comfortable with

It’s important to think about the way we want to be treated in a relationship and that we treat others with the same respect. That includes people we date as well as our friends. Sometimes we expect that everyone feels like we do about things. If you make a habit of asking others how they feel in certain situations and really listening to them, you can start to build healthy and happy relationships! Learn more about what you can do to help make a difference by clicking here.