• Being courageous means speaking up when you see something that’s not right.

    Learn how to help a friend who is experiencing dating abuse.

  • My friend won't let his girl chill with her guy friends. I told him:

    Love is respect. Everyone can choose who they want to hang out with.

  • Everyone deserves respect. You gotta give it to get it.

    That's why I treat my girl the way I expect her to treat me - as an equal.


Statewide Youth
Advisory Board


Do You Believe In
Equality & Respect?

You Are Courageous!

Ever wish that you had the words to call someone out when you know what they’re doing is wrong? Or wish that you could help make a change? That’s what this website is all about! Here, you’ll learn about how to use your voice to help end dating abuse. Explore this site to educate yourself on relationship rights and responsibilities, learn tips and tools for speaking out and to find out how to start your own club to make a change. One voice can make a change. Many voices can create a movement for change. Be courageous. Be the change!

Learn to Be The Change

I Speak Out Against Dating Abuse

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