Spreading The Word

How are you going to get people involved? Social networking is a great tool to tell people about your meeting or event. You could also post flyers around your school or community, get a message placed on the daily announcements, get listed in a community or school newspaper, send out an email, or use any other resources to let other youth know about the club. Spreading the word allows for other passionate youth to hear about your club and gives them the opportunity to join. Good luck!

Social Networking

Social networking is a great tool to assist you in getting the word out about your event. There are many ways of using social networking. Listed below are some websites and information that may help you to utilize social networking to get the word out!


  • Sending a message- Inform your friends by sending out a message with information about the idea, program or event.
  • Making an event- Are you planning an event? You can send out an invitation with details about your event to your friends and request an RSVP to see how many people are coming to your event.
  • Creating a fan or group page- Here people can like your page and show their support for your idea or program. People can become fans and see information.

Tweet your events! Twitter allows you to craft a 160 character message, so say it quick! Your followers can view your tweets!

Allows for an opportunity to share your thoughts about different topics. Blogs are similar to online journals and can be used to raise awareness about different current events issues, debates, or thoughts.

Listserves: Check to see if your school has a list serve which is an e-mail address that sends an e-mail to multiple people that agree to be part of the list serve. They are a great way to communicate with a lot of people.

Learn more about how to use social networking  here.


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