What's Oppression Got To Do With It?

Creating a violence free world requires empowering women and children through eliminating personal and institutional violence and oppression against all people.

Oppression is a system of power and control that supports some people at the expense of others. Challenging oppression, both within individuals and at a community and institutional level is an important part of ending all violence.

Oppression comes in many forms. Sexism and racism are two of the most well-known forms. Sexism is a system of power in which men have more power in society over women. Racism gives white people the advantage and power at the expense of people of color. 

One big connection between oppression and dating violence is power and control. When people are taught that they have the right to have power and control over whole groups of people, they are more likely to try to have power and control in dating relationships as well.

People who believe strongly that women and men should behave in certain ways, and that men are better than women, are at greater risk of being abusive to a dating partner. Communities that accept violence against women in the media, and groups of friends that support sexist jokes and behaviors are also at greater risk of having dating violence happen.

People who experience oppression such as women, LGBTQ people, and people of color often have a harder time getting access to help that they need or want when experiencing violence.

By working to end oppression, we are working to make the world safer for everyone. Ending oppression would mean that services are accessible and useful to everyone who wants to access them. People would not be stereotyped or mistreated based on their identities.